Rejection of appeal: Trial for child abuse in Caltanissetta goes to Court of Assizes

A trial will be held in the Court of Assizes in Caltanissetta for a Carabinieri officer from Gelese accused of sexual violence against his son. The man had been indicted in February 2022 but appealed against the ruling of the Gela court, which determined that the trial should take place in the Court of Assizes in Caltanissetta, as the child was under 10 years old at the time of the incident. The Prosecutor General of the Court of Assizes declared the appeal inadmissible after objections from the civil parties represented by lawyers Giuseppe Messina and Eleanna Parasiliti Molica, and the defendant’s renouncement.

Respinto ricorso, va in Corte d’assise a Caltanissetta il processo per abusi sul figlio

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