Region’s executive acquitted on appeal, accused of embezzlement

The first section of the Palermo Court of Appeal acquitted regional manager Pietro Lo Monaco, who was accused of embezzlement. In the first instance, he had been sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, with disqualification from public office, confiscation of 56 thousand euros and all contributions paid in relation to the compensation received for an additional assignment, according to the accusation in violation of the principle of inclusiveness of the regional managers’ remuneration. The bureaucrat is defended by lawyer Roberto Mangano. The accusation concerned the assignment held by Lo Monaco as general manager of the Civil Protection department of the Sicilian Region, appointed commissioner to deal with emergencies resulting from the exceptional weather conditions of October 2009 in the province of Messina. The judges acquitted the defendant even though he did not make any repayment of the sum, as his lawyer demonstrated that he was fully entitled to that compensation. The accessory penalty of disqualification from public office and the confiscation of the compensation received for the additional assignment, as ordered in the first instance, were revoked, with the sum being ordered to be returned to the manager.

Assolto in appello dirigente della Regione, era accusato di peculato

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