Record wind gusts cause damage in Erice: trees, roofs, walls, and power poles fall.

The strong wind last night did not spare much of Trapani, with trees and public lighting poles damaged. In Trapani, one of the characteristic light fixtures that adorn the port area was uprooted. The collapse, during the night, on Viale Regina Elena, by the sea. In Piazza Generale Scio, also in the historic center area, a large tree collapsed.

Consequences for trees, walls, sheds, and lighting poles, all due to the very strong gusts of wind, also in Erice. The wind also destroyed some walls along the climb to Erice. In the Piano Guastella area, a large tree fell along the main road. The area is practically off-limits both for the fallen tree that blocked the roadway, and for a fallen pole near an electrical cabin. In the latter case, Councilor Paolo Genco has already asked Enel technicians to intervene immediately given the gravity. While municipal workers and civil protection intervened on the fallen tree.

Civil protection is also working throughout the Erice territory to remove what is on the roadway and allow the circulation of cars.

In Marsala, a sailboat that was on the quay collapsed due to the strong wind on another boat, while in Via Garibaldi, a large branch of a tree fell in front of the entrance to the central post office as tables and chairs from local venues flew away. Some trees fell along the A29 Palermo-Mazara carriageway and in the area from the Termini to Alcamo junctions. Between the Salemi and Cinisi junctions on the carriageway, various materials are present. On site are Anas personnel and law enforcement, caution is requested from motorists.

Raffiche di vento record, danni anche a Erice: crollano alberi, tettoie, muri e pali della luce

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