Randisi from Palermo in the National Council of the Federation of University Sports Centers

The president of Cus Palermo, Giovanni Randisi, has been elected to the Federal Council of Federcusi. Palermo had not had a representative in the top body of Italian university sports centers for almost thirty years. The federal assembly met in Rome, at the Coni’s Hall of Honor. On the agenda were statutory changes, the report on the final budget, and the development of sports activities, as well as the election of the president, the Federal Council, and the president of the Board of Auditors. Antonio Dima was confirmed as president, a position he has held since 2019. He oversaw the transition from a sports promotion organization to a Federation. The CUSI (Italian University Sports Center) was founded in 1946, following the Second World War, with the aim of continuing the physical activity promotion initiatives developed in the previous decades. In 1953 it was recognized by the Coni, becoming a reference point in the national sports scene. An activity that has never stopped in the following decades and that has embraced all the main national universities, from the North to the South, often favoring the creation of cutting-edge sports facilities, as in the case of Palermo in the late 1990s. Two years ago, the Coni’s National Council unanimously approved the resolution to recognize CUSI as a national sports federation, effective from January 1, 2023. Today saw its first elective federal assembly. Randisi was elected to the National Council, a circumstance that had not occurred since 1998. On that occasion, Michele Bevilacqua, the current honorary president of Cus Palermo, was elected. A very symbolic passing of the torch, given the personal and professional relationship between Bevilacqua and Randisi. “I am pleased to represent Palermo and the islands, Sicily and Sardinia, on the Federal Council – was Giovanni Randisi’s first comment at the end of the elections -. I will continue to contribute to the development of the Federation. It is a pride to be part of it and the good news today renews my commitment to Cus Palermo, Palermo sports, Sicilian sports, and the entire Federcusi at the national level.”

Il palermitano Randisi nel Consiglio nazionale della Federazione dei centri universitari sportivi

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