Racist customers at Misiliscemi farm do not want to be served by “colored boy”

The article explains an incident of racism that occurred at an agriturismo in Guarrato, near Trapani, where two couples requested not to be served by a Cameroonian waiter named Amza. The owners of the agriturismo decided to denounce the incident on Facebook and express their support for Amza, who has been working with them for three years. The post emphasized the importance of inclusivity and stated that anyone uncomfortable being served by Amza or any other staff member for non-professional reasons would not be welcome at the establishment. The response from the community in Trapani was positive, with around two thousand interactions and five hundred comments of solidarity. The incident was seen as an isolated case.

«Non vogliamo essere serviti dal “ragazzo di colore”»: clienti razzisti in un agriturismo di Misiliscemi

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