Possible flight delays at Catania airport due to ordnance to be defused on Sunday.

Possible disruptions are expected on Sunday, March 10th, at Vincenzo Bellini Airport in Catania due to the defusing of a wartime explosive device south of the Maristaeli helicopter base. Delays in incoming and outgoing flights are anticipated between 7.30 and 8 am and between 12 and 12.30 pm. The airport management in Catania reassures that there will be no operational impact or changes to air traffic, only potential delays. The explosive device to be defused is a 250-kilogram German aerial bomb from World War II, found in the Pantano D’Arci area of the industrial zone in Catania. A holiday was specifically chosen for the detonation to minimize disruptions for travelers.

Ordigno bellico da disinnescare, domenica possibili ritardi dei voli all’aeroporto di Catania

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