Posillipo-Telimar wins 15-8 in Serie A1 water polo

Telimar Palermo won a wide victory against Circolo Nautico Posillipo in the eleventh round of the Italian water polo A1 championship, with a score of 15-8. The Palermo team dominated the game, especially in the second half, and capitalized on their numerical advantage to score 9 out of 11 times. The team’s defensive performance was also noteworthy, conceding only three goals during power plays. Johnny Hooper stood out as the top scorer with four goals, while nine other players also scored for the team. This victory secured Telimar Palermo’s fourth place in the standings and guaranteed their spot in the championship round. Coach Gu Baldineti praised the players’ performance and their determination to win after a previous disappointing game. He was pleased with the team’s character and their ability to dominate a game that was expected to be more evenly matched.

Pallanuoto: Serie A1, Circolo nautico Posillipo-Telimar 8-15

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