Playing together for inclusion: Fisdir tournament in Palermo at Sport Village Tommaso Natale

The team that won the Calciando insieme tournament, organized by Fisdir in collaboration with Palermo Calcio, was the Blu team. Each team was represented by a different color. The tournament took place at the Sport Village Tommaso Natale in Palermo and the kickoff was done by the Disability Commissioner of the Municipality, Pasquale Di Maggio. Among the many disciplines managed by the Italian Federation of Paralympic Sports, which plans and develops sports activities for athletes with intellectual-relational disabilities, soccer is now also included. Six societies participated in the tournament: Asd Delfini Blu, Asd Radiosa, Asd Vita Nova, Asd Nuova Augusta, Telimar cooperative sports club, Il Sottomarino, Asd Paralympic Mimi Rodolico Mazara, and Asd Pro Sport. In each team, the under 12 Palermo Calcio players and the disabled players demonstrated talent and above all, a strong desire to be together and have fun. A day dedicated to inclusion that broke down barriers and gave equal opportunities to everyone.

Calciando insieme…si fa inclusione, il torneo della Fisdir a Palermo allo Sport Village Tommaso Natale

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