Pip in Palermo Square: “We work but without rights”

Former Pip workers in Palermo are protesting again, this time in front of the regional labor department, demanding stabilization. These workers were initially hired about twenty years ago for professional integration programs and were paid a subsidy. Today, around 3250 of them have requested relocation. They are waiting for a response from the Region regarding the placement of at least a thousand former Pip workers in regional companies. The workers remain hopeful but will continue to protest until their relocation becomes a reality. Many workers are frustrated as they have families and cannot wait any longer. Being a former Pip worker means working without a regular paycheck, without guarantees, and without the ability to plan expenses. They are tired and feel that striking is the only option left to fight for their rights.

Ex Pip in piazza a Palermo: «Lavoriamo ma non abbiamo diritti»

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