Pen turned into firearm leads to arrest in Lentini

A pen transformed into a weapon and ready to fire: police officers found it during a home search of a 38-year-old man during Operation High Impact, which involved about 50 units of various law enforcement agencies in Lentini. The man, already known to the police, was in possession of a homemade clandestine weapon shaped like a pen, with a 6.35 caliber cartridge inside, as well as 9 grams of marijuana, 0.26 grams of crack, a precision scale, various materials used for drug packaging, and 450 euros in cash, likely proceeds from drug dealing. The thirty-eight-year-old was taken to prison. In addition, law enforcement officers involved in the operation arrested a 71-year-old woman because, following a home search in her residence, she was found in possession of 750 grams of marijuana and numerous bags with traces of other drugs. The woman was placed under house arrest.

Una penna trasformata in un’arma da fuoco, un arresto a Lentini

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