Panificio Quartararo: a celebration of flavors

The Easter sweets of the Quartararo Bakery in Palermo represent a true excellence of Sicilian pastry, capable of delighting the senses and bringing joy and tradition to every table during the Easter holidays. Thanks to artisanal expertise and passion for tradition, the Quartararo Bakery continues to keep alive the authentic Sicilian pastry culture, giving moments of genuine pleasure to all those who choose its products to celebrate Easter. Since 1990, the Quartararo Bakery, pastry, and pizzeria, in its historic location in viale Regione Siciliana 2207 southeast Palermo, delights its customers with the goodness of its artisanal products. Initially, production was focused on bread and baked goods, but over time, thanks to constant training, the production of pastries, ice cream, rotisserie, gastronomy, and pizzeria has also expanded. In 2015, another location was inaugurated in via Ausonia 112, which from the beginning becomes the flagship of the city, the whole family is an integral part of the company and one of the sons, Ignazio, specialized in leavened products, starting to produce panettone, doves, croissants, all of the highest quality using long fermentation methods with daily refreshed sourdough. The result is a product with a “clean” label.

The Easter dove is a traditional Easter sweet, symbolizing peace and love, precisely because of its dove shape, a symbol of eternal life and the resurrection of Christ. The invention and commercialization of the Easter dove as we know it today took place around 1930 starting from an idea of ​​the advertising professional Dino Villani who worked for a well-known Milanese pastry company and thought of launching a typical Easter sweet on the market, and that is why the Quartararo company has consolidated this tradition over the years, selecting one by one the highest quality ingredients: pasteurized egg yolk, butter, trademark flours and natural yeast. The best fermentation techniques are used, starting from a dough fermented for 16 hours and refreshed and left to rise for another 16 hours, until reaching cooking and filling. At Quartararo you will find the classic almond dove, for the sweet tooth the pistachio and chocolate dove, and for the most whimsical… this year’s novelty, the dove flavored with fig and walnut buccellato. Not to forget another queen of the Easter tables: the cassata. This masterpiece of Sicilian pastry is a richly decorated cake composed of layers of sponge cake soaked in liqueur, filled with sweet ricotta, candied fruit, and decorated with colored icing and candied fruit. The Easter cassata of the Quartararo Bakery is a triumph of flavors and colors, an authentic joy for the eyes and palate that enchants diners during the Easter holidays.

Panificio Quartararo, tripudio di sapori

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