Panarea: ambulance without driver, two rescues done with electric car

The article reports ongoing winter troubles in Panarea, the island of the VIPs in summer. The ambulance is not working, without a driver, and two rescues have been carried out using an electric car amidst protests from the islanders. Nadia Solange, an Argentine who has been living on the small island of the Aeolian Islands with her husband and two children for years, tells the story. She explains that a second rescue was carried out using an electric car because the ambulance could not be used. The local medical guard had a nice ambulance parked on the patio, but it was not possible to use it due to bureaucratic issues. The article reports on the ongoing discussions and efforts to resolve the situation, including requests to the municipality and the healthcare agency. In the winter period when the island’s population drops from 350 to 15, the few inhabitants have had to deal with various challenges, including a lack of basic supplies like milk and bread.

Panarea, l’ambulanza è senza autista: due soccorsi effettuati con la macchina elettrica

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