Palermo’s second maturity test: Plato and Mathematics showdown. “We saw it coming”

The article talks about how over 40,000 students passed the second written exam for their high school graduation. The students of the classical high school had to deal with a passage from Plato’s work “Minos or Laws”, while the scientific high school students had to solve 2 problems and 8 questions related to geometry, equations, and functions. The math problems were classic function studies, with the first one being more theoretical and the second one providing contextualizing sentences. The questions focused on mathematical analysis, probability calculation, and both plane and analytical geometry. Students interviewed seemed satisfied with the exam and are now preparing for the oral exam, which they consider the most challenging part. At the scientific high school Einstein, students also found the exam accessible.

La seconda prova della maturità a Palermo tra Platone e Matematica: «Ce lo aspettavamo»

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