Palermo’s Policlinico expands insulin pumps for diabetes care

The Policlinico of Palermo is increasing its activities to combat diabetes. The hospital’s diabetes team currently follows approximately a thousand patients, focusing on insulin pumps and glucose monitoring sensors. The university hospital has increased and enhanced activities to promote innovative technologies for better disease management and improved quality of life for patients. The endocrine, metabolism and nutrition unit, now led by Professor Giorgio Arnaldi, has implanted 30 pumps and increased the use of glucose monitoring sensors for both type 1 and type 2 insulin therapy patients, reaching around a thousand patients with active monitoring. Former head, Professor Carla Giordano, who retired after 43 years of service, has been replaced by Professor Giorgio Arnaldi.

Cura del diabete, il Policlinico di Palermo incrementa i microinfusori di insulina

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