Palermo’s Città dei Ragazzi reopens with games and activities

The article describes the reopening of the “Città dei ragazzi” (Children’s City) in Palermo, Italy. The city park offers various activities for children, including painting, storytelling, yoga classes, and treasure hunts. The Mayor and the Social Policies Councillor express gratitude for the collaboration that made the reopening possible. The park is filled with nature, offering a green space for families to enjoy safely. The article also mentions the park’s operating hours and the various workshops and experiences available for children to participate in. There is a café for snacks and a bookshop for booking painting, music, gardening workshops, and other creative activities. All workshops can be booked online on the Vie dei Tesori website. The article emphasizes the diverse range of activities offered and encourages families to visit the park to experience it fully.

Palermo, riapre le porte la Città dei Ragazzi: si terranno giochi e attività

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