Palermo venue closed after brawl, another seized for outdoor seating

Controls in the historic center of Palermo: an outdoor space of a venue seized, another closed after a brawl. During the checks, police officers, municipal police, and Asp officials found administrative and health violations and fines totaling over 5,200 euros in pubs in the historic center, including Roxanne in Monteleone square, Olivella. Law enforcement agencies found administrative irregularities, such as the occupation of public space, the lack of approval from the Regional Cultural Heritage Supervision, and violations of the municipality’s regulations on dehors, outdoor spaces for table set up, as well as the use of non-compliant music systems. The dehors was seized. During the inspection, health violations and structural deficiencies were found, such as the failure to report changes in the health plan and the lack of updating of the Haccp control manual.

At another venue, Officina in via Giuseppe Puglisi Bertolino (between piazza Sturzo and piazza Nascè, Politeama district), the Palermo police chief suspended the license for ten days after a brawl in which two carabinieri intervened. During the checks, it emerged that the venue is frequented by suspects of various crimes. Numerous requests for interventions from residents due to noise and fights in the venue were reported.

The proposal to adopt the suspension measure, sent to the police headquarters by the Carabinieri Piazza Verdi company, also stems from two serious fights. During one of these, which started inside the venue and escalated into a brawl outside involving some foreigners, two carabinieri who had just finished their shift and the patrol cars from the general prevention and public assistance office intervened.

A Palermo locale chiuso dopo una rissa, a un altro sequestrato lo spazio all’aperto per i tavolini

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