Palermo uncovered: “The team is solid, no longer needs Romanian guarantees”

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“The Palermo team needs valid skills that are also present in the Sicilian capital, because the integration into an international context like that of the City Football Group requires strong professionalism.” This was stated by the president of Palermo, Dario Mirri, to participants in a training course for lawyers and accountants on the management of sports companies and legal aspects of sport at the headquarters of the accountants’ association in Palermo.

“Today – Mirri emphasized – Palermo is a solid company that does not need to wait for a guarantee from Romania to register for the championship. Five years ago we started with the Hera Hora company and we continue to be shareholders, accompanying the City Football Group in this growth that we wanted from day one. In 2019, we invested a share capital of 15 million euros into Ssd Palermo. It was immediately a sign of solidity that we wanted to give. And I believe it is a rare occurrence in the landscape of Italian football.”

“Another key element,” Mirri added, “is that in an amateur sports company, we immediately established a control board. This was to prevent what had happened just a few months earlier. I hope that lawyers and accountants will accompany us in this growth with skills and professionalism because Palermo needs them already and will also need them in the future. We don’t necessarily have to have lawyers or accountants in London, Milan, or New York. I have great belief in the people of Palermo.”

For the president of the accountants of Palermo and Termini, Nicolò La Barbera, and the president of the Bar Association of Palermo, Dario Greco, “with this series of meetings, we want to delve into very stimulating and highly specialized aspects of our profession such as the management of football clubs. We will examine all aspects surrounding the world of professional football, especially those off the field, aware of the high added value of surrounding ourselves with prepared professionals.”

In the photo, from left, Dario Mirri, Nicolò La Barbera, and Dario Greco.

Mirri allo scoperto: «Il Palermo è solido, non ha più bisogno di fidejussioni romene»

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