Palermo team presents study on necrotizing fasciitis at world emergency surgery congress

The article explains that the team from the Policlinico Hospital in Palermo will be attending the World Congress of Emergency Surgery in Rhodes, Greece from June 25 to 28. The delegation, led by experts in general and emergency surgery, will present 8 approved projects focusing on severe soft tissue infections, specifically necrotizing fasciitis. This rare infection affects deep layers of the skin, spreading rapidly through the superficial and deep fascia of the subcutaneous soft tissues. In Sicily, dozens of cases are treated annually at the Policlinico Hospital, with a mortality rate of around 50%. However, thanks to their experience and developed techniques, they have managed to reduce this rate to about 30%.

Fascite necrotizzante, lo studio di un team palermitano al congresso mondiale della chirurgia d’urgenza

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