Palermo sees Micciché’s return: A movement against national party deadlock.

The content discusses the current state of national parties in Sicily and their lack of effectiveness. Former leader of Forza Italia in Sicily, Gianfranco Miccichè, expresses his embarrassment with the situation and praises Raffaele Lombardo’s clarity on the issue. Miccichè believes that national parties prioritize personal and power interests over competence and the well-being of the region. He praises Lombardo for his seriousness and states that he may consider joining a movement that can address these issues. Miccichè also criticizes the lack of focus on development and projects in Sicily, highlighting recent scandals involving an assessore (government official) with mafia connections and unqualified family members in certain organizations. Overall, he commends Lombardo for speaking up about the problems in the region.

Palermo, il ritorno di Micciché: «Penso a un movimento contro lo stallo dei partiti nazionali»

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