Palermo, Ranocchia reflects on loss: “Tough moment, we need to bounce back”

Filippo Ranocchia, 23 years old, midfielder for Palermo, spoke candidly after the loss against Reggiana: “No need to beat around the bush, we are going through a tough time and we need to bounce back. We need to perform well in the playoffs, we have potential but we need to concede fewer goals. We weren’t sharp enough to recover the result.”

The former Juventus youth player returned to the team after an injury: “I feel good, I’m ready to start from the bench, my teammates are in better shape. We had a great first half, seemed in control, then they scored two goals, even by chance, and we couldn’t recover.”

Regarding Coach Mignani, Ranocchia expresses full confidence: “He tried to give stability to the team, I am at his disposal, either as a midfielder or as an attacking midfielder, I can play wherever he wants.”

Filippo Ranocchia in the photo by Tullio Puglia.

Palermo, Ranocchia dopo la sconfitta con la Reggiana: «Momento difficile, dobbiamo risollevarci»

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