Palermo raid in Brancaccio endangered by shootout

The murder of Giancarlo Romano triggered a blitz that decapitated the leaders of the Brancaccio district. Investigators had been keeping an eye on the rising star of the mafia family for at least two years. Before intervening, however, they wanted to dig deeper into the clan’s affairs and especially what they had heard during an interception, namely that Romano had been warned by a mole – he claimed by a policeman from the mobile squad – who had provided him with useful information to avoid capture. However, the shootout on February 26 made the situation deteriorate, forcing the carabinieri to act quickly. The motive for the shooting at the Sperone restaurant, in which the boss lost his life, would have been related to the repayment of 25 thousand euros, a sum that Camillo and Pietro Mira were supposed to repay for the management of bets.

A complete report by Fabio Geraci in today’s edition of the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands

Palermo, la retata a Brancaccio messa a rischio dalla sparatoria

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