Palermo: Illegal dumpsite and storage area seized in Sferracavallo and Arenella

The Coast Guard of Palermo has seized an illegal landfill in Sferracavallo and a storage area in a company operating in the shipbuilding and storage sector at Arenella. The owners of the land and the company have been reported for managing unauthorized waste and environmental pollution. In Sferracavallo, special waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, was found in private agricultural land. There were unused appliances, gas cylinders, paint residues, and various types of ferrous materials, turning the land into an open-air dump. At the nautical company in Arenella, the coast guard’s military personnel with technicians from the Arpa claim to have found the absence of environmental authorizations, as well as the illicit management of waste on site.

It emerged that the same company, according to the accusation, was carrying out mechanical processing and maintenance activities on pleasure boat engines without the necessary authorizations. The owner has been reported for practicing the profession and activity without the prescribed authorization for emissions into the atmosphere, unauthorized waste management, abandonment and uncontrolled deposit of waste. Also on this occasion, the area occupied by these activities was seized along with the waste, classified as special hazardous and non-hazardous – composed of dozens of dismantled outboard motors in their mechanical and electronic components, containers filled with used oils, fuels and toxic acids, chemical solvents, ferrous material of various kinds, totaling around 7.5 tonnes of waste.

Palermo, sequestrate una discarica abusiva a Sferracavallo e un’area di rimessaggio all’Arenella

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