Palermo hires 992 former contract workers at SAS: Schifani calls it “end to precariousness”

The article discusses the hiring process of 992 workers from the former Pip basin “Emergency Palermo” by the Sas (Auxiliary Services Sicily), a consortium company with 82.72% ownership by the Sicilian Region. This measure is the result of a process supported by the Region of Sicily, which was unblocked in July with an allocation of 22.5 million euros for the years 2024/2026 and authorization for Sas to start the procedures. The hiring will involve 502 people in category A and 490 in category B, who were identified through a selection process carried out by the competent Employment services of the Region, as provided by a regional law from 2014. The process of stabilizing former Pip workers does not end with this measure, as there are other interventions planned to ensure a future for all workers in the basin. The Sas will apply the regional collective labor agreement for non-managerial staff of the Sicilian Region.

Palermo, al via l’assunzione alla Sas di 992 ex Pip: per Schifani è «stop al precariato»

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