Palermo: Count of Cagliostro’s image stolen in Albergheria

Metal thieves in action in Palermo, in Vicolo Cagliostro. The image of the count of Cagliostro, placed many years ago by the Cagliostro association, which donated two public signs to the street, was dismantled and stolen. Thieves used a ladder to remove it. This theft contributes to the growing degradation that affects the alley in the Albergheria, a place of international historical interest because of Goethe’s “Journey to Italy.” Despite the presence of numerous associations in the neighborhood, degradation continues to advance. Antonino Napoli, active in the neighborhood for many years, promoted the Cagliostro Festival in 2019 and now promotes a new artistic, cultural, musical, and social initiative to requalify the territory of the alley and contribute to the safeguarding of the historical-artistic and cultural heritage linked to the Count of Cagliostro.

Palermo, rubata l’immagine del conte di Cagliostro all’Albergheria

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