Palermitans are the least satisfied with quality of life in Europe

The inhabitants of Palermo, among those of 83 important European cities, are the least satisfied with their quality of life. This emerges from a report by the European Commission published today, according to which only 62% of the citizens of the Sicilian capital declare themselves satisfied, compared to a European average of 87%. There are several indicators in which the people of Palermo rank at the bottom of European statistics, such as access to online services, reliability of public transport, general satisfaction with urban mobility, and ease of finding work. The report covers the capitals and other major cities of the EU, the European Free Trade Association, the United Kingdom, the Western Balkans, and Turkey and is based on 71,153 interviews conducted in 83 cities. The survey analyzes various aspects of well-being related to urban life, such as work, urban mobility, inclusion, the environment, and general safety.

Qualità della vita, i palermitani sono i meno soddisfatti in Europa

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