New regulations in Palermo: penalties for polluters

The municipal councilor for the Environment, Andrea Mineo, announced that there will be heavier and additional penalties for those who litter and pollute the city of Palermo. The proposed regulation on urban solid waste will be presented to the council next week, which includes severe sanctions for polluters. Additionally, plans are underway to construct a waste disposal plant in Bellolampo, costing 8.5 million euros. Mineo also mentioned that 177 new collection vehicles will be introduced in January, the first in 25 years. Furthermore, efforts are being made to expand the selective waste collection to an additional 200,000 households and businesses in the northern area of the city. The administration, along with the new leaders of Rap (the municipal waste management company), are working hard to resolve the waste emergency and are calling for collaboration from the public, emphasizing the need for a cultural shift.

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