New Fire in Giarre: Flames near City Hall, Some Houses Affected

A new fire, at dawn, dangerously threatened the athletics stadium and the nearby houses in the Calvario-Peri district of Giarre, as flames licked the area. Once extinguished, the remains of what used to be the summer villa of the Grimaldi princes emerged from the ashes. The fire, probably of deliberate origin, spread in an area between Viale Don Luigi Sturzo (SS 114 Orientale Sicula) and the residential area of Viale Federico II di Svevia, behind the new municipal offices and adjacent to the stadium, in the early morning hours, just before 5 am. It affected a large private plot of land that had already caused concern two days ago after a large fire, also likely intentional, alarmed a well-known hotel, several businesses, and residents of the neighborhood. The flames were quickly noticed by residents who raised the alarm. With the help of a slight breeze, the fire easily spread through overgrown vegetation that had not been cleared by the owners. A team of firefighters from the Riposto detachment promptly intervened and prevented the fire from spreading to the houses. The fire produced a heavy ash rain felt by citizens living to the south of the city. The thick black smoke released by the fire was visible even from neighboring towns. After more than an hour of work, around 6 am, the firefighters managed to extinguish the fire and ensure safety conditions.

Nuovo incendio a Giarre: fiamme vicino al Comune, lambite anche alcune abitazioni

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