New crack addiction center opening in Palermo, offering night services

The Sicilian Region has allocated one million euros for a pilot project aimed at helping people addicted to crack. The project will involve the opening of a 24-hour reception center in Palermo with a team of 24 operators. The center will be located in a 700-square-meter pavilion and will be managed by a multidisciplinary team, including psychiatrists, psychologists, health educators, rehabilitation technicians, social workers, nurses, and healthcare workers. The goal is to provide initial assistance to the most delicate cases and then accompany them towards social reintegration. The initiative is a response to the increasing use of crack, especially among young people. The center will offer a space for those in need and provide support to their families. The ultimate aim is to intercept the individuals to be assisted, provide care for a maximum of 30 days, and then activate recovery activities through rehabilitation communities and services. The project aims to address a sensitive and important issue, offering a concrete response to the growing problem of crack addiction.

Dipendenza da crack, nasce a Palermo un centro di accoglienza: sarà aperto anche di notte

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