New controls in Palermo: musical equipment confiscated at a historic center venue

The musical equipment at a historic center venue in Palermo was seized during checks carried out by police and carabinieri, along with Asp personnel, in the busiest streets of the nightlife scene. Specifically, law enforcement officers, as part of the territorial control activities related to the security protocol called High Impact, focused on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, from Quattro Canti to Piazza Marina, and on Via Maqueda, from Quattro Canti to the station.

Three inspection visits were carried out in the premises. Only one of the establishments was found to have irregularities and violations that resulted in administrative fines totaling €1,050. Structural deficiencies and the playing of loud music outside the venue were contested. Due to the latter irregularity, the musical equipment, with electroacoustic systems used, was placed under administrative seizure for five days.

Overall, 95 people were identified, 20 vehicles were checked, and 3 fines were issued for violations of the highway code.

Movida di Palermo, nuovi controlli: sequestrata l’apparecchiatura musicale a un locale del centro storico

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