Murder in Valguarnera: Suspect Confesses

Guglielmo Ruisi, 51 years old, the fugitive arrested on December 23 because wanted for the murder of Salvatore Roberto Scammacca, 47 years old, that occurred in Valguarnera on December 10, has confessed. Ruisi, assisted by his trusted lawyer Luca Di Salvo, answered questions from prosecutor Stefania Leonte, prosecutor Massimiliano Muscio, and judge Giuseppe Noto.

The arrestee explained the context and reasons that led to the killing of Scammacca, who was shot while driving his car. He also clarified the details of his escape from Valguarnera but chose not to answer questions about his fugitive status and the gun found in a residence near Fontanarossa, where he was arrested.

Meanwhile, the arrest of Ruisi has been validated by the judge of the Catania court, accused not only of the murder of Salvatore Scammacca but also of causing the death of Nunzia Arena, the pensioner accidentally struck by the car driven by the 47-year-old, who, injured, had lost control of the vehicle.

Omicidio a Valguarnera, l’indagato ha confessato

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