Minor islands, Region doesn’t pay Caronte & Tourist contribution: workers’ salaries cut

The Region does not regularly pay the contribution to the company Caronte & Tourist minor islands and the company deducts the salary.
The unions declare a state of agitation among the sailors. This was reported by Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, and Uiltrasporti.
“The partial payment at 70% of the salary for the month of May is an unacceptable act, we announce possible critical issues in the connection services to the minor islands.”
This was said by the regional general secretaries of Filt Cgil Alessandro Grasso, Fit Cisl Dionisio Giordano, and Uiltrasporti Katia Di Cristina after Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori communicated that they are waiting to receive a provision of about 10 million euros from the Sicilian Region, credits related to services rendered but not yet paid, 9 months late which, together with the seizure of assets carried out by the judiciary in the previous months for a sum of about 30 million, have caused a liquidity crisis for the shipping company in the strait.
“The hope is that in the next few hours the payment mandate will be signed by the Department of Infrastructure, allowing the Company to immediately complete the payment of the salaries of the approximately 450 sailors.”
“While waiting for this to happen as quickly as possible – conclude the unions – critical issues and discomfort in the connection services could still arise. Let it be clear to everyone that despite the start of the summer season thankfully rich in tourists, incidents such as the non-payment or reduced payment of workers’ salaries will result in our consequent union reaction to protect the sailors.”

Isole minori, la Regione non paga il contributo a Caronte & Tourist: stipendio decurtato per i lavoratori

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