Ministry authorizes Region for faster works on Palermo-Catania highway

The Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, on the proposal of President Renato Schifani, has identified the Sicilian Region as the competent authority for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment procedures for the modernization works on the Palermo-Catania highway. The modernization plan includes extraordinary maintenance works, rehabilitation and modernization of roadways, installation of safety barriers, consolidation works, road pavement, vertical and horizontal signage, and other interventions. The Ministry has accepted the request made by President and extraordinary commissioner Schifani to streamline the procedures for the modernization plan by appointing the Sicilian Region as the competent authority for conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment procedures. The Region, through the technical-scientific commission Via Vas, will issue the technical opinion on environmental compatibility. A dedicated working group will be established within the Via Vas commission to specifically evaluate the environmental compatibility of the project. This will accelerate the approval process and allow for the rapid implementation of strategic interventions within the modernization plan for the A19 highway. It is estimated that this delegation will reduce the timeline by approximately 6 months compared to the 12 months originally planned by the ministry.

Tempi più rapidi per i lavori sull’autostrada Palermo-Catania: il ministero autorizza la Regione al rilascio dei pareri tecnici

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