Metropolitan City of Palermo, Vernuccio: “Strategic vision wins bet for entire territory”

In a recent interview with the director of BlogSicilia, Manlio Viola, Vernuccio discussed emerging themes and potential, taking a broader view. “Through the continuous collaboration between the Metropolitan City of Palermo and all the mayors of the territory, who are the true actors of this vast area entity, we are carrying out a series of projects – Vernuccio began. I think that today, territories are realizing that there is an entity that has returned to be present.”

“Last year – continued the Director General – the Metropolitan City carried out nearly 70 million in contracts, between roads and schools. Provincial roads, not only for the capital city, but especially for the hinterland territories, are the main connections between communities. Of course, there is a lot to do, but we have a renewed relationship with local communities and that is the most important thing.”

Synergy for a perspective of development

The role of mayors and the willingness to collaborate with the central authority have produced positive results and given impetus to continue on this path. “The secret is this, – emphasized Nicola Vernuccio – development policies should not come from the top, but one must engage with the territories. The great value lies in being the entity that synthesizes the many specificities of our territory. The secret is to synthesize differences, create synergy, and ensure that these communities can project themselves into a development perspective together.”

The strategic and integrated vision is a key element in analyzing the role of the authority directed by Vernuccio: “This strategic vision of development that involves multiple municipalities becomes really important for the future and for the challenge that our territory has towards the rest of Europe.”

It is in this context that the Metropolitan City of Palermo plays a fundamental role: “The important thing is that both citizens and mayors realize that they have an authority that supports them. The Metropolitan City is very important for the municipalities of the more internal areas and even the smaller coastal ones, as it helps them to be part of the vast area entity, with a moment of political aggregation. We become a support element for smaller municipalities so that they are stronger interlocutors with the entities that provide funding. The goal is also to have a comprehensive coherence of the projects that are being carried out: this is truly the most important thing, we are very important for the strategy.”

Città Metropolitana di Palermo, Vernuccio: “Visione strategica vince scommessa dell’intero territorio”

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