Messina: Nightmare of Fires Returns: Flames on the Hills of Mili San Pietro

There were multiple fire outbreaks in various areas of Sicily. After the fires in Palermo and Menfi, in the Agrigento region, flames also spread to the hills between Mili San Marco and Mili San Pietro in the province of Messina. Due to the difficult terrain, a Canadair aircraft and two helicopters were needed to aid the firefighting efforts, as the area was not easily accessible to ground teams. This is another nightmare for the residents, who had already experienced terrifying moments due to fires during the record-breaking heatwave on the island between July 24th and 25th. Firefighters and forestry staff are currently responding to the situation.

Messina, torna l’incubo incendi: fiamme sulle colline di Mili San Pietro

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