Merchant reports extortion: Palermo boss arrested

The Carabinieri of the provincial command of Palermo have arrested Nicolò Salto, 69 years old, a member of the Borgetto family who survived an ambush in 2008. Salto, who has been placed under house arrest, is accused of attempted extortion aggravated by mafia methods and allegedly committed the crimes during special surveillance. The investigations conducted by the investigative unit of Monreale on the mafia jurisdiction of Partinico, with particular reference to the “family” of Borgetto, uncovered an attempted extortion at a retail fuel business. The owner filed a complaint. Salto, the head of the Borgetto family, allegedly intimidated an employee of the company because he did not want to pay the deposit for the installation of a gas cylinder at his home. The suspect allegedly instructed the employee to convey messages to the owner that referenced mafia intimidation tactics. According to the authorities, the complaint has prevented possible future extortion demands in the Borgetto area.

Estorsioni, commerciante denuncia: arrestato boss palermitano

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