Mercantile rescues 70 migrants adrift at night: they will be taken to Trapani

The Italian tanker ship, Calajunco M, rescued around 70 migrants in Maltese waters and is heading to the port of Trapani, according to instructions from the Mrcc Center. An alert was issued by Italian and Maltese search and rescue centers, but it was thanks to the sighting of a small aircraft that the ship’s commander, Manuel Arena, was able to reach the drifting boat. Due to worsening weather conditions, the Italian ship decided to take on board all 70 migrants. The ship is expected to arrive in Trapani in the evening. The ship is owned by Augusta Due, the same company that owned the Vulcanello, which collided with a fishing boat in 2020 resulting in the deaths of all three crew members.

Mercantile salva 70 migranti alla deriva nella notte: verranno portati a Trapani

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