Mario Fiasconaro awarded All Food Sicily 2024 prize as pastry chef of the year

The prestigious award of Pastry Chef of the Year from All Food Sicily ( has been awarded to Mario Fiasconaro, from the well-known pastry excellence in Castelbuono that bears his name. This award, a tribute to those who have distinguished themselves in the food and wine industry by becoming ambassadors of Made in Sicily, was given to the young pastry chef based on an online vote that recognized his popularity and approval rating.

“From the heart of the Madonie mountains to countries overseas and the United States, the biodiversity and excellence of our territory have always inspired my passion for the art of pastry-making. It has been a dream of mine to showcase the craftsmanship and quality that make Sicily unique to the world,” commented Mario Fiasconaro. “This award makes me proud as it recognizes the strong connection of our company to the territory and the dedication with which we continue to highlight and promote the richness of our pastry art.”

Mario Fiasconaro represents the third generation of pastry chefs from the family business founded in 1953 by his grandfather Mario. Since he was young, he has been involved in the family laboratory and, under the guidance of his father Nicola, he developed a passion for pastry art. He honed his skills through hands-on experience, including at La Pergola Rome Cavalieri, the only restaurant in Rome with three Michelin stars, as well as other important collaborations internationally, such as with Pierre Hermé in Paris, recognized as the best pastry chef in the world, and at Brunòs Bakery and Restaurant in the United States. Born in 1992, Mario Fiasconaro is now in charge of production at the family business and is undoubtedly a young promise in the field of Italian pastry.

A Mario Fiasconaro il premio All Food Sicily 2024 come pasticciere dell’anno

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