Maria Grazia Furnari, born in 1962, is an expert in clinical networks and the general director of Policlinico in Palermo.

Maria Grazia Furnari has been appointed by the regional government as director general of the Policlinico of Palermo. The government has confirmed 17 extraordinary commissioners to lead the Asp and hospital companies, including Maria Grazia Furnari, also known as Marzia, born in 1962 in Palermo and a medical manager.

An employee of Arnas Civico, she later moved to the Policlinico of Palermo, where she is responsible for the complex structure of Educational-Healthcare Coordination in relation to the regional health service. For several years, she worked as a manager at the Strategic Planning department of the regional Health department. She was first the head of the Recovery Plan Area, during which time she also coordinated the drafting of the last regional health plan, called Health Plan 2011-2013. Later, she served as the regional representative at the Ministry of Health for monitoring the Essential Levels of Care (Lea), as well as participating in various regional planning committees. At the Strategic Planning department, she also led the Hospital Planning service, focusing on the organization of both public and partially private facilities.

In her curriculum, she also held the positions of extraordinary commissioner of the Asp of Caltanissetta, emergency commissioner for Covid in Messina and healthcare director of the Asp of Trapani. She has completed several high-level managerial training courses, taught courses, and published works on healthcare organization. She has also actively collaborated with Agenas. She is an expert in clinical networks, emergency care, diagnostic-therapeutic care pathways, and performance evaluation of healthcare companies.

Her work at the Policlinico of Palermo has always focused on planning and developing the company in close collaboration with the University and the academic world.

Esperta in reti cliniche, palermitana, classe 1962: ecco chi è Maria Grazia Furnari, direttore generale del Policlinico

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