Magistrate pursues and photographs thief stealing from two cars in Palermo

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He saw and chased a young man who first stole a jacket from a Fiat 500 and then a suitcase from a Seat Ibiza after breaking the window. The protagonist is Judge Alex Costanza of the court of Caltanissetta, who last Sunday, around 6 pm, was in via Mariano Stabile, in the center of Palermo, where he caught the thief in action.

As soon as he noticed Costanza approaching, the young man fled. This led to a chase, during which the thief also hit the judge several times, but he did not stop until he managed to photograph him, before the fugitive disappeared among the alleys of Borgo Vecchio. The judge filed a report with the Carabinieri in Palermo Centro.

Vede rubare oggetti da due auto a Palermo, magistrato insegue il ladro e lo fotografa

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