Mafia Federation in Milan: Messina Denaro’s Cousin Among the Accused

The content discusses an investigation conducted by the Dda of Milan into the “Lombard mafia system” in which over 150 individuals were investigated. One of the suspects, Paolo Aurelio Errante Parrino, is believed to have acted as a liaison between the Lombard mafia and Matteo Messina Denaro, who passed away last September. According to the investigators, Parrino transferred “essential communications” to the boss while he was in hiding. The judge rejected over 140 arrest requests, including one for Parrino. He is considered the representative of the Trapani Province in the Lombard area, specifically connected to the Castelvetrano district, and has previously been convicted for mafia association. The investigations also revealed that Parrino served as the reference point for the Castelvetrano district in northern Italy, maintaining ties with the leaders of Cosa Nostra, particularly Messina Denaro. Parrino’s role was to transfer essential information between the Lombard mafia system and the fugitive boss. He also maintained and handled relationships with the family of Messina Denaro, providing logistical support when needed.

Un federazione mafiosa a Milano, tra gli indagati anche il cugino di Messina Denaro

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