Licata: Archaeological excavations resume in the ancient Finziade.

From next Monday, excavation work will resume on Mount Sant’Angelo in Licata to reconstruct the urban layout of the ancient Finziade and better understand the characteristics of daily life in the last Greek foundation in Sicily (282 BC). The activities, supported by the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and directed by Roberto Sciarratta, follow a convention between the Park authority and the CNR of Catania. This represents the beginning of a new season of research and is part of the “Finziade project”, overseen by archaeologists Alessio Toscano Raffa for CNR-Ispc Catania, and Maria Concetta Parello, with logistical coordination by Rosario Callea from the Valley of the Temples Park. Researchers, archaeologists, and students will return to the site from the 6th to the 31st of May, ten years after the last interventions in one of the better-preserved Hellenistic-Roman cities in Sicily, focusing on an area containing visible structures up to two meters high.

Finziade played an important strategic role during the 2nd-1st centuries BC, both militarily and commercially, establishing an early connection with Rome during the Punic Wars (3rd century BC) and benefiting from considerable wealth, reflected in the exceptionally preserved structures on the site. In addition to a large team of researchers, specialized archaeologists, and students from various Italian universities (Catania, Palermo, Naples, Rome, Milan), around 50 students from the Linares high school and the Fermi Institute in Licata, as well as 25 volunteers from the Gral association and the Finziade Archaeological Group, will participate in the activities during the month of excavation. “The Finziade project stands out for its strong public involvement, aimed at actively engaging the local community, in line with the cultural policy of the Park,” said director Roberto Sciarratta. “In this way, we aim to strengthen our relationship with the entire Licata community, which has always been committed to the protection and valorization of the vast archaeological heritage it possesses. We also extend our thanks to the company Edil Pira srl, which has sponsored the research by providing equipment for the excavation.”

Licata, riprendono gli scavi archeologici nell’antica Finziade

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