Leni elects ten members of the city council

In Leni, after the election of Mayor Ireneo Giardinello, the city council has also been formed. It consists of 10 representatives, with seven belonging to the mayor and three to the rival Claudio Rugolo, who came in second but kept pace with Giardinello for much of the election. The mayor’s seven councilors are: Sonia Zampetti with 85 preferences, Valerio De Fina with 60, Giuseppe Scaffidi with 39, Santina Podetti with 31, Piero Podetti with 29, Fabrizio Saltalamacchia with 23, and Lucrezia Galletta with 17. Rugolo’s three councilors are: Paola Donato with 51, Maria Rosa Zagami with 50, and Elio Di Losa with 48.

In the coming days, the new council will form the new council with the allocation of responsibilities, and the highest-voted candidate will convene the council to elect a president, vice president, and appoint the group leaders. Then, work will begin on the busy summer season on the second island of the Aeolian islands.

Leni, eletti i dieci consiglieri comunali

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