Lampedusa, Lightened Hotspot: Hosting 791 Migrants

There are currently 791 migrants staying at the Lampedusa hotspot, where the total number of migrants reached 3,306 on Friday morning. The efforts of the Prefecture of Agrigento and the police have led to a series of transfers, which have helped alleviate the overcrowding in the reception facility. In addition to regular ferries, Coast Guard and Finance Guard patrol boats have been used to transport migrants between Lampedusa, Pozzallo, Augusta, and Reggio Calabria. Due to rough seas, there were only five arrivals and a total of 240 people on the island yesterday. Today, another 400 migrants are scheduled to be transferred to Porto Empedocle via the Galaxy ferry.

Lampedusa, hotspot alleggerito: ospita 791 migranti

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