In Viterbo, Barrafranca-born prisoner strangled by cellmate.

The 49-year-old prisoner Alessandro Salvaggio, originally from Barrafranca, in the province of Enna, was strangled yesterday in the Viterbo prison by his 22-year-old Bulgarian cellmate. The incident occurred shortly after 10pm, but the details are still under investigation by law enforcement and prison officers.

A fight between the two men is believed to have led to the fatal aggression, with the 22-year-old inmate, T.K., attacking Salvaggio by strangling him to death. Salvaggio, who had a history of drug-related offenses and was serving a two-year sentence for evasion, will undergo an autopsy on Friday in Viterbo. He was married and had two children.

Carcere, detenuto originario di Barrafranca viene strangolato dal compagno di cella a Viterbo

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