Honorable’s death in Palermo, family admits suicide: but tell us why

Shortly before being found dead inside his car, businessman Angelo Onorato sent an audio message on WhatsApp in which, according to leaked information from investigative sources, he appeared calm and relaxed. There was no uncertainty in his voice, no anxious tone. Then, his death remains a mystery. The family has requested the forensic copy of the messages, chats, and emails that could hold the secret of the entrepreneur’s death.

“We need to understand – explains the family’s lawyer, Vincenzo Lo Re – if this was a case of incitement to suicide. From the files that the Prosecutor is examining, we are trying to find out if someone was blackmailing him and, in some way, induced him to commit the act.” “The Prosecutor – the lawyer adds – is working very well and we trust the investigators.”

In the letter found by the lawyer Fabrizio Macchiarella, Onorato makes vague references to people who wish him harm, writes that he trusted the wrong people. Could this be the key to the mystery? The theory of murder, initially pursued by the family, seems to have faded.

La morte di Onorato a Palermo, la famiglia ammette il suicidio: ma diteci perché

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