Grandmother Lorenza celebrates in Marsala: she blows out one hundred candles with her 24 grandchildren.

There is a new centenarian in Marsala. She is Lorenza Denaro, a mother of 8 children, grandmother of 24 grandchildren, and she worked as a janitor for 40 years. On her birthday, she received well wishes from Mayor Grillo on behalf of the city, and Bishop Giurdanella.

The celebrations took place in Via XIX Luglio, at the woman’s apartment. “Widow Laudicina, Mrs. Enza – as she is known by everyone – was an tireless worker, carrying out the job of a janitor for over 40 years – as stated in the post published by the municipal administration of Marsala –. Married at a very young age, she had 8 children from her marriage. Raised with many sacrifices, she is now a grandmother of 24 grandchildren, as well as a great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother of numerous great-grandchildren.”

Family, friends, neighbors, Bishop Angelo Giurdanella, Mayor Massimo Grillo and others were present to wish Mrs. Enza a happy 100th birthday. Mayor Grillo also presented her with an institutional plaque on behalf of the city of Marsala. Also present were Father Marco Laudicina, the celebrant’s nephew, and Father Giuseppe Inglese, rector of the Sanctuary of Madonna della Cava.

A Marsala si fa festa per nonna Lorenza: spegne cento candeline insieme ai suoi 24 nipoti

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