Gela: 38-year-old dies in accident, wife hired by his former company

The company where her husband worked, who died in a traffic accident on Ferragosto, had offered her a job and has now fulfilled that promise. This is a great gesture of solidarity towards Luigi Russello’s wife, the 38-year-old man who lost his life in Gela. Just after finishing his shift and heading home on his scooter, he collided with an Audi A3 on his lane while traveling towards Licata. The impact was fatal. A few days after the tragedy, the company offered a job to his wife, and the hiring process has already been completed. The man worked for Tekra, responsible for waste collection, and would have transferred to Impianti Srr in October, obtaining a permanent contract that will now be given to his wife. The company’s executives have decided to provide concrete help to the woman and her child, who must inevitably live with a heartbreaking reality and face economic difficulties. The family affected by the tragedy will now have at least a source of livelihood.

Gela: il 38enne morto in un incidente, la moglie assunta nell’azienda in cui lavorava

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