Gangi shocked joins in mourning for little Leonida’s funeral: photos

The white balloons welcomed the white coffin of little Leonida Gullo, who was bid farewell by the town of Gangi in the Mother Church. A large crowd participated in the funeral procession and then the church service. There is sadness and anguish in the Madonie Mountains for the death of the three-year-old boy, who lost his life 4 days ago, on October 16th, for reasons still to be determined. He was at home in a rural house in the San Giovanni Sgadari district of Petralia Soprana. This morning, an autopsy was carried out at the Legal Medicine Institute of the Policlinico in Palermo to determine the cause of the child’s death, which has left his family and two communities, Gangi and Petralia Soprana, devastated. The community of Gangi is especially affected, as the family is well-known and loved in the town. The rural building in the San Giovanni Sgadari district has been seized and the family members were questioned by investigators on Monday evening, who are investigating the incident. According to what has been learned, there were no signs of violence, and gas was not the cause of death. Instead, the child had respiratory problems caused by a severe flu. Before dying, he had played and had fun like any child his age.

Gangi commossa si unisce al dolore della famiglia del piccolo Leonida: le foto del funerale

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