From abandoned ruins to cultural hub: The rebirth of Palazzo Minneci in Motta D’Affermo.

Palazzo Minneci in Motta D’Affermo, an abandoned ruin for decades, has been transformed into a cultural hub for not only the country but the entire area. The reopening of “casa ranni” (as the residents call it) marks the completion of a long bureaucratic process to secure funding. Built in the 17th century and expanded in the 18th century, the palace had suffered partial collapses in recent years. However, its grandeur was preserved throughout. Architects Ivana Elmo and Angelo Pettineo successfully undertook the complex restoration project. The restored palace will now serve as a cultural center for the community.

Da rudere abbandonato a polo culturale, la rinascita di palazzo Minneci a Motta D’Affermo

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