Franca Florio’s elegant wardrobe showcased in permanent exhibit in Favignana

The article talks about a permanent exhibition in Favignana dedicated to the elegance of Donna Franca Florio, a prominent figure in the Belle Époque era in Sicily. The exhibition showcases reproductions of clothes and jewelry worn by Donna Franca, including the iconic dress featured in a painting by Giovanni Boldini. The original dress is kept at the Fashion and Costume Gallery of Palazzo Pitti, while the exhibition also features three dresses made by the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. The initiative has received praise from Chico Paladino Florio, who appreciates the effort to preserve the memory of the Florio family in Favignana. The exhibition also includes a section dedicated to the economic activities of the Florio family in western Sicily, with virtual tours available through iPads. The mayor of Favignana, Francesco Forgione, sees this exhibition as a step towards fully museumizing Palazzo Florio and enhancing the cultural offer for tourists visiting the island. The inauguration of the exhibition was attended by students from local schools.

Franca Florio, gli abiti e la sua eleganza: a Favignana una mostra permanente

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